July 20, 2010

Scooby Doo cake *Updated

My friend came to see family in California & celebrate her son's 6th Birthday. I wasn't able to go to the park for the party so I took the cake to her earlier that day. Norma took it to the park where the party was and put the tiers together.  She just returned home to Arizona and sent me completed pictures. Being a former Vons cake decorator herself I gave her a tip & frosting so she could pipe between the two tiers.   You will not see piping between the tiers though because Mr. Seagull thought the bag of frosting was for HIM.. He flew down & swiped it.  I think it came out very cute regardless.   I'm in love with the Americolor gel coloring I bought recently from http://www.bakedeco.com/   They are so vivid compared to the Wilton colors.  I like the fact that they are squeeze bottles and they are so much easier to add to frosting. 



Anonymous said...

How did you create the characters?

www.sweetcreationsbystephanie.com said...

With an exacto knife

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