June 27, 2010

Wedding Cake : Day 2

Yesterday my sister, Brie & I made 3 wedding cakes..actually 5 but we only needed 3.  I was so relieved and I think she was too that today went so smoothly.

Today was set up day for Charlee & Owen's wedding!

I left around noon to drive to my sisters house thinking how glad I was not driving 50 miles to the wedding location with 3 cakes in my backset. I had just one in my backset, the one I came home last night to redo because we had an issue with our 12" on Saturday. I still blasted the A/C and instructed Juls to avoid the potholes in the road. It's so nerve wracking transporting cakes. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I've delivered a cake and it's no longer my responsibility to keep it safe. Watching Ace of Cakes makes me nervous for them every time they take their work of art to the destination. Last week they delivered an airplane cake for Delta's Club360 Party and have no idea how they do it day after day.  We arrived at Brie's with some time to kill. First off, check the cakes. They look great. We cut the dowels and added them to the 9" tier and then Brie & I loaded up the cakes and hit the highway.

We arrive & the cakes survived the 10 minute trip thanks to smooth driving by Brie. The house looked beautiful. Gorgeous flowers, candy table all set up, food being prepped... everything looked perfect.  We start setting up the cake.

First the 12" cake, the 9" cake... and finally the 6" on top. 

We attach the 1" black satin ribbon carefully to each cake as we go & then start adding the flowers that Charlee bought Saturday morning at the LA Flowermart.

The cake gets prettier and prettier by the minute... and finally we are DONE!

Wishing Charlee & Owen a lifetime of love & happiness!



w said...

i love your blog! new follower.

www.sweetcreationsbystephanie.com said...

Thanks! and Welcome !!

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