May 29, 2010

Sex and The City II Cupcakes

Two years ago when the first Sex and the City movie came out a group of us went to see it and have dinner. We couldn't wait for II to come out.  Today a few of the same girlfriends and I went to see Sex and the City II.  Our plan was to go see the movie & then go to a late lunch after.  Kim from The Tomkat Studio made this recipe and it looked like something I could do fairly quickly.  I made my Margarita Buttercream recipe, using Vodka & Cosmo mixer instead of tequila.  We left them in the car while we watched the movie with 75+ degree weather... probably not the best idea but they still looked ok..the buttercream just melted a little bit.  They hit the spot after our lunch at Joe's Crabshack.

Thanks girls for a fabulous afternoon!


• 1 box Vanilla Cake Mix
• 3 egg whites
• 1/3 cup oil
• 1-1/4 cups ready-made Cosmo drink mixer (I used Stirrings from Cost Plus)
• 2 tbsp lime zest

Directions: Make cupcakes according to box directions, swapping out 1-1/4 cups Cosmopolitan drink mix for the 1-1/4 cups water called for on the box.

COSMO BUTTERCREAM:  adapted from my Margarita Buttercream
 (will frost 3 dozen cupcakes with a spatula or 18 piping)
• 1 cup unsalted butter, softened (2 sticks)
• 2 Tbsp lime juice
• 2 Tbsp Cosmo drink mixer
• 2 Tbsp vodka
• 1 tsp lime zest (I omitted this)
• 5 cups confectioners' sugar, sifted
• Red or pink gel icing colors (a little red gel will make hot pink)
Sprinkles or decorations


Using an electric mixer, beat the butter until creamy. Add in 2 cups confectioners' sugar. Add in the cosmo mix, vodka and 4 tablespoons lime juice, 1 teaspoon vanilla, lime zest and the food coloring until smooth and creamy. Beat in the remaining 3 cups confectioners' sugar one-third at a time, until just soft enough to spread.

Spread or pipe icing onto each (completely cooled) cupcake. Garnish with sprinkles.



Brie said...

How'd you get the NYC letters so perfect?

Cake Girl! said...

Love it! I just made SATC2 cupcakes too (on my blog) and used the same cupcake recipe :) YUM YUM! I love that cosmo mixer! :) We also went to go see SATC2 :) I am a BIG fan! Hope you had fun!

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