April 23, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes

disclaimer: I did not make this cake..I only made the cupcakes!!
The cake was made by Jeannette Hardin

Disneyland is the place where magic happens...
and I love it and always look foward to the next visit.

I was asked what I thought a bakery would charge for Alice in Wonderland cupcakes, I don't even know if I answered the question..instead I got excited & offered to take on the challenge of making them.  It was so much fun creating the Mad Hatter's hat, the Cheshire Cat's grin, the mini mushrooms & all the cute little flowers out of fondant.  I couldn't wait to bake & put the pieces on top of cupcakes to see them completed.  Happy Birthday April


1 comment:

Jenni @ Project Cookie 365 said...

I love your Cheshire Cat cupcake! That is darling!

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