March 17, 2010

Cupcake Stand Tutorial

Hope asked me how I made my cupcake I wrote a tutorial & drew some pictures. I will repost again with actual photos to make it easier to follow. For now here it is:

Cupcake Stand Instructions (holds 48-120 cupcakes)

  3 foam core boards, ¼” thick Dimensions: 20” x 30” (available at Staples or Michaels)
  Exacto knife
  Hot glue gun
  Modge Podge adhesive
  Paper (wrapping paper or ten pieces of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper)
  Ribbon (7 yards)

foam board & Modge Podge
1. Make your cuts…
    a.) Foam board piece 1
         cut a square 20” x 20” = Tier 1
         cut a square 8” x 8” = Tier 4
    b.) Foam board piece 2
         cut a square 16” x 16” = Tier 2
         cut a square 12” x 12” = Tier 3

2. Cut your tier supports…using Foam board piece 3
    a.) for tier 1…cut 4 strips 2” high x 10” long
    b.) for tier 2…cut 4 strips 4” high x 8” long
    c.) for tier 3…cut 4 strips 4” high x 6” long
    d.) for tier 4…cut 4 strips 4” high x 4” long

3. Cover all of your Tiers with paper using Modge Podge adhesive. If you are using 12 x 12 scrapbook  
    paper, tiers 1 & 2 can be tricky. Cut 2 pieces of 12” x 12” scrapbook paper in half diagonal (see photo
    below). Then use the  4 pieces and glue it on the board. Trim edges with an exacto knife.

4. While your tiers dry make your tier supports. Starting with the “foot” of the stand, glue the corners of the
    2” x 10” together. Continue by gluing the rest of the tier supports together so they are all square.
5. Cover the tier supports with paper.

6. Hot glue ribbon to the edges of each tier. It’s easier to do this prior to gluing the tiers to the tier supports.

7. The hardest part here is making sure the tiers & supports are centered.
    Hot glue the 2” x 10” tier support to the bottom side of the 20” x 20” tier.
    Hot glue the 4” x 8” tier support to the bottom side of the 16” x 16” tier.
    Hot glue the 4” x 6” tier support to the bottom side of the 12” x 12” tier.
    Hot glue the 4” x 4” tier support to the bottom side of the 8” x 8” tier.

8. Glue the 8” x 8” to the top of the 12” x 12”.  Glue the the 16” x 16” to the top of the 20” x 20”.
    Glue the two pieces together & you have your cupcake stand.



Mod Podge Amy said...

This is so cute! I would love to repost it on my blog!

Tere said...

Very cute and creative! Thanks for sharing!

Just Me said...

OMG! This is way to easy and cute! Thanks for the tutorial! I just love tutes!

Dana said...

so cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Cake Chic! said...

OMG! That is awesome!!! I am going to use this idea for a ladybug cupcake tower I am doing for my nieces bday! :) Woohoo! I am excited! Thanks again for the info. I am new to this blog thing so when I make my next cake or cupcakes I will remember to take pics while I am doing it! :)

Cake Chic! said...

was wondering what dimensions to use to hold 24 cupcakes plus a jumbo one on top?

SDVJULS said...

Your risers (tier supports) will always be 4" and the foot always 2" high.

Make it the same dimensions i list above but eliminate tier 4..the bottom your's would be 3 tiers... 8", 12" & 16" 20"

Leah said...

If people start taking cupcakes off one side, does the cupcake stand get heavy on one side?

Leah said...

I also bought 1/2 inch thick foam core board...will this still work?? I am making one for my wedding. :) said...

It doesn't seem to have any problem no matter where the cupcakes come off. It's very stable.

1/2 inch foam core board will work, it will be a bit more difficult to cut & you'll need to use a fairly wide ribbon.

Leah said...

If I bought 1/2 in. thick foam core board, how thick of ribbon do I need to buy? 1/2 in.? said...

I'd use 1/2 in. or thicker

cupcake said...

i will try recreate this but putting my twist on it.
thanks for sharing

Kara said...

is that regular size cupcakes?! Or mini??

suh said...

Here is my take on it! I had so much fun with it! said...

Suh - it came out great! I just featured it on my Facebook Business page!

pearse said...

Hi Steph
How much did it cost you to make this cute cupcake stand. AN APPROX ESTIMATE.

Anonymous said...

HI Stephanie, how do glue the support? Do you lay them flat or stand them up?

FraideeeCAT said...

Hi Stephanie!

These are gorgeous! Thinking of making two for my god sister's wedding in two months- can you post a tutorial on your cupcake stands with the cylinder tier supports?

Thanks!!! said...

I dont have another tutorial to post, sorry.

FraideeeCAT said...

Hi Stephanie,

Your tutorial said your stand holds 48-120 this dependent on cupcake size? Can you elaborate? said...

Standard size cupcake,
just depends on how closely you set them up to each other

FraideeeCAT said...

Fabulous!! THANK YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you!! this is awesome!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Amirah Williams said...

I just made one and it turned out fabulous. Thanks for the tutorial. It cost me about $30.

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is so cute! I went to both Michael's and AC Moore to purchase the boards but I could only find it 3/16th thick. Only difference is 1/16th. I am assuming that it will still be sturdy. I am very anal so I try to follow directions precisely. Thanks!

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