March 28, 2010

Cascarones for Tritia & Collan's Wedding

Today my cousin, Tritia & I worked on Cascarones (confetti eggs) for their upcoming wedding. Collan made us a stand with nails so we could spray 2 dozen eggs at a time.  The eggs are filled with Ecofetti.   After spraying the eggs,  we sprayed them with Valspar Pearl for an iridescent glow. We will be adding turquoise & raspberry when we make more.    4 dozen down, 12 dozen to go.



Brie said...

so pretty girls! Do you need more shells? You know your sis goes through 5 dozen every 2 weeks (=

SDVJULS said...

Yes we need more. Save them and I'll come get them from you. We hope to have enough by April 17th

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