January 11, 2010

Curious George Cupcakes

To make Curious George fondant heads you will need:
-2.5" circle cutter
-Small Circle cutter
-Large Heart cutter
-Small Heart cutter
-Fondant Rolling pin
-Fondant dyed very light brown (tan)
-Fondant dyed dark brown
-Vodka or gumpaste glue to glue ears on

Roll light brown fondant 1/8" thick. Using the large circle cutter, cut out the face
Using the small circle cutter, cut out 2 circles for the ears
You will end up with 3 pieces like this

Cut the ear so it fits on the side of the main face piece & affix with a small dab of vodka or gumpaste glue
Both ears attached

Roll out the dark brown 1/16" thick. Cut a circle with the large circle cutter
Use the small heart to cut out the upper portion of his face
So it looks like this

Use the large heart cutter to make the bottom portion of his face
It will look like this:

Peel the cut outs away

Here is the top overlay for his face

Attach the dark brown with a small dab vodka or Gumpaste glue

Now you have the base done

Using Fondant or Royal icing affix eyes, nose & a mouth...
Now put his cute little face on top of a cupcake or cake!

1 comment:

rjasla said...

so cute! Do we get to see a completed cupcake?

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