October 17, 2009

Dodger Fan Cupcake

Every Dodger fan should have this on his/her Birthday... a Dodger themed cupcake!  Grace ordered cupcakes for her daughter's birthday, which is the same day as her husbands.    She didn't care what his cupcake looked like as long as the theme was The DODGERS.  I made a jumbo cupcake (3x's the size of a regular cupcake) and had fun with it, while it also challenged me, it was pretty easy once I got shaping the fondant.   All 3 pieces are made out of fondant & is 100% edible.   The stitching on the ball is painted on with a fine paint brush using Wilton Red food dye.


Brie said...

pure awesomeness!

MrsAguila09 said...

Hi i loveeee this, I want to make this as small cupcakes! My nephews bday party theme is Dodgers, any tips?

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