September 30, 2009

Wilton Cake Course 1, Lesson 4

We completed our course & PASSED!  Four weeks ago our class started out with 10 students...last night we were down to 5. It was a great class, enjoyable and we learned a lot in 8 hours of instruction.   Everyone's cakes last night turned out beautiful! I wish I had a picture of all the cakes.  Our final cake had 6 roses on top, using the Wilton Method.  We used #3 tip to do dots, #21 tip to do our borders, #67 for leaves, #104 & #12 to make the Roses. We also used #2D to do drop flowers around the bottom edge.    We've signed up for Course 2, which starts on 10/06. 

Here's our cakes:

Steph's cake

Kim's Cake

1 comment:

The Moore Family said...

Very pretty. Good job ladies. Where the roses hard to do?

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