August 11, 2009

Fondant Flower Instructions

Basic steps to making a fondant flower . I apologize for the poor quality photos. It was hard to take pictures & work with the fondant at the same time.

First roll your colored fondant out to about 1/8" thick
Using your fondant or gumpaste cutter, cut out the petalsNext place the petal on the fondant foam. Use your baller to thin the edges of the petal. The fondant will curve as you do this.Go all the way around the edge of the petalAttach the petals to your cupcake or cake by pressing them in to the buttercream until you get to the center.


The Moore Family said...

I'm so in the mood to work with fondant. My mother n law doesn't really like desserts but she is getting a cake anyways. LOL

Love the cupcake, how much butter cream frosting did you put on before you put the petals on? I bet you will get a cramp in your hand after a few flowers huh? LOL

Beautiful as always

SDVJULS said...

Just put a little on..not much. It is a moisture barrier for the fondant. The fondant will "melt" if you put it directly on the cake/cupcake.

Neev said...

really preety, but how long did it take you to do one cupcake...u must have lots of patience...:).

Brie said...

I think it looks just like a dhalia sis!

SDVJULS said...

Thanks Sis. Wish you lived closer than an hour away.

Neev, they take me about 5 minutes once I've rolled my fondant. I'm doing 100 of them for a wedding on 9/12. I can't wait to see all of them staring at me :-)

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