July 22, 2014

Custom Stenciled Cookies

A few years ago my sister and I both bought the Silhouette SD die cut machine.  We both struggled with them, they never cut quite right.   At the beginning of this year my friend, Heather of SugarNosh Treats, told me about her new Silhouette Cameo. I was reluctant but finally gave in and ordered one from Overstock.com for myself.   I am so glad I gave in... it is one of my favorite tools in my craft arsenal. 

With the Silhouette Cameo you can cut stencil material (acetate).  I use .07 thickness and it cuts right through with no problem what-so-ever.   Can you see how intricate that badge is ? This machine is amazing!  Once I cut out the stencil I airbrushed with brown & gold. 

In the 6 months I've owned my machine, I have not regretted the purchase once! 
So glad I have friends that love to enable me :) 

close up of the badge

July 16, 2014

Jessika's Birthday

I recently had to switch hairdressers after 26 years because mine retired.  I searched for several months and finally went to a salon near our neighborhood.  I was happy to hear they did waxing so I set up an appointment for my next visit to have my eyebrows done. I know you are thinking, what does this have to do with cookies?  Well not only did I find a new hairdresser that I adore, I also found Jessika, and she takes such great care of my eyebrows... I adore her!   I was there and they were telling me  that they were going to Napa for Jessika's 25th birthday.  I originally drew up wine tasting related cookies. I soon scraped that thought and just went with bright... electric purple & turquoise with a little electric green.  Something cheerful just like her.

Happy 25th Jessika! 

Denim & Diamonds

Denim is one of my most favorite things in this world. 
If I could wear it every day, I would.  

Dos Pueblos high school parents did a fundraiser a few months ago and the theme was 
"Denim & Diamonds"

I donated 2 dozen cookies for my friend to auction off  and raise
money for their program.

Luckily someone in a cookie group I belong to remembered that Jill FCS had recently posted a picture on Facebook explaining how to achieve the denim look on a cookie.  I went searching and found it.  
All I needed was : 
Americolor Royal Blue 
Wilton Delphinium 
Wilton Black
White Food dye
Fan  brush 
To create this 
How cool is that? 

Made my own edible diamonds with this 

The diamonds weren't as sparkly as I wanted but they were ok.
I think next time I may add a little bit of disco dust before they dry and see if I can get them to shine a little brighter :) 

April 10, 2014

Simple Owls

I use to think I needed to buy every cookie cutter I stumbled upon... now I know better (Thanks Sugarbelle).   Can you figure out what cutter I used to make the owls above?     

If you guessed an EGG, you are right.  

You can also use a tulip cutter like my friend @Sugarnosh Treats did for her owls...aren't they cute?

Share a link to your favorite modified cookie cutter in comments below

April 8, 2014


In the last 12 months, I've been to China twice. Both times I had the pleasure of meeting many of my sister's expat friends.  They all made me feel so welcome and this last trip included me & Sal (my nephew) on play dates while my sister was in the hospital having her baby girl.   Heather went above and beyond to help me in any way she could...including coming up 25 floors to help me get Sal, the car seat & diaper bag downstairs to her driver's car since I am not use to doing such a thing.  She was a lifesaver. I enjoyed playgroup with her & Mimi.

Heather and I also have something in common.... Our love for Starbucks.  She made sure I had my latte every time we got together.   A few weeks after my last visit her husband's contract was up so they moved back to the US, Georgia to be specific. I talked to my sister about sending cookies as a "Welcome back to the US" package and planned a very fun set... complete with Georgia peaches, Starbucks cups and a few hashtags. I picked up  #wearentinchinanomore on her Instagram & made up a few others.  

Wishing their family the best of luck in their new home
back in the US!

Georgia peaches 
made with an apple cutter

January 21, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday

I just returned to the states after spending two weeks at my sisters in China.  During that time we celebrated her husband's birthday, her son's birthday & the birth of their daughter (on her son's 2nd birthday, no less).  

I took lots of cookies with me to celebrate the above occasions... and a few days after I arrived my nephew, Sal, and I baked a cake for his dad's birthday & his birthday.   I was impressed that he knew what vanilla extract was and got it from the pantry & he knew how the mixer worked, although I helped him use it.  I took a funfetti cake mix with me because I wasn't sure what would be available to me over there. He did a really good job for being a few days shy of 2 years old.

All the ingredients are out..we're ready to start

Putting eggs in the mix

Blowing the candles out..he said "all done" and clapped when he blew out the candle..
So cute! 

Happy 2nd Birthday!

One of his favorite books is "The Little Blue Truck"
so I made some using the bus cutter that Sugarbelle designed for Karenscookies.net
and the pick up truck below with his dog "Tess" in the back.  
He has a stuffed dog and her name is "Tess". 

We also celebrated the birth of their daughter, Carla Denise.
She was born on Sal's 2nd Birthday...
I see many dual birthday parties in the future & 
can't wait to design special treats for both of them. 

On the 9th of January, we celebrated my brother in law's birthday...
If you can't tell, he's a big Steeler's Fan 

What a fun filled two weeks it was with so many things to 

January 1, 2014

Sweets of 2013

Did you have a Happy New Year? 2013 flew by & I am so behind in blogging!    I figured a quick recap of my favorites might be fun, some of which you may have seen & some may be new...so here it goes:

My nephew, Sal, celebrated his 1st Birthday. I sent cookies to China where they are currently 

We celebrated Juls (aka Mr. Sweet Creations) 50th Birthday.  He was so surprised when he found out his family flew out from New York to celebrate with us.   We had a nice party with friends & family complete with Sabrett's Hot Dogs (his favorite from back home)

I finally got enough nerve to try my airbrush out with some lace
and came up with this set for my mother in law's birthday

Was a quiet "sweets" month because I flew to Shanghai, China to visit my sister, brother in law & nephew for a few weeks... but I did arrive with about 3 different sets of cookies!
For 5k Mondays at Starbucks
Nautical because we're California beach girls
Chinese Girls & Lanterns because it is China afterall

My sister and nephew ended up flying back to the states with me
so we surpirsed our mama for Mother's Day & her Birthday
Jet lag = simple cupcakes 

Grandma Sandy & Sal

Father's Day cookies for my dad


One of my favorite sets of the year I made for Mary, my dad's other half
I dabbled in a little bit of hand painting for this set (the paisley) and fell absolutely in love with them

Our friends, Justina & Ben celebrated their 1st anniversary

Nephew, Sal, came to the states for another visit. 
I made color book cookies and let him try his hand at 
coloring with food markers.   Note to self: 3 years old is probably the magical age 
for this project although he did love taste testing every cookie


Fifty & Nifty.... I was recruited to help a very nice husband throw a party for my friend, Marti.
Fun colors..purple, turquoise and grey


Pair of Turkey's for a Thanksgiving wedding


Cookies for my sister's baby shower

followed by Christmas cookies of all kinds! 

Wishing you all a very Happy 2014! 

December 10, 2013

Couples & Cocktails

If a holiday party surrounded by littles and a visit from Santa isn't your cup of tea, maybe a cocktail party is up your alley. Wouldn't it be fun to host a Mad Men-esque themed guys & gals holiday cocktail party? 

This invitation, Couples & Cocktails, from Tinyprints got me inspired.

Guys could wear tacky plaid sport coats over turtleneck sweaters, and Gals could wear those fabulous dresses from the early 60's paired with their favorite red lipstick and perfectly coiffed up-do's. I envision a few signature cocktails, a cigar bar and hors d'voures to keep my guests happy. 

These cookies, based off the invitation, would be bagged up and tied with festive ribbon to be sent home as parting gifts for our guests.

December 7, 2013

Celebrating my soon to be NIECE!

If you've been following me for awhile you know my sister is living in China for a few years and I made my 1st visit 8 months ago.  Well, I will be returning 4 weeks from today because my sister is due to deliver my niece shortly after I arrive.  I get to play with my nephew, Sal, while she is in the hospital & then help her adjust to having 2 kids before returning to the states.  I feel very fortunate to be able to make this trip to spend time with them and help however I can.    While I am there we will not only celebrate the birth of baby girl, Sal will turn 2 years old.  I'll be taking cookies & a few fondant pieces with me for his birthday. 

Almost 2 years ago to the day Charlee (my sister's SIL), my mom & I threw a shower for Brie & Sal.    My sister told me that her friends, Heather & Mimi, were going to have a shower for her so I contacted Heather and asked her if I could send cookies as a surprise.  Heather said "Of course!"   I didn't have much time to get them in the mail since most packages take about 21 days to make the trek.  I did very simple cookies for Sal's shower so did the same thing for this one.   The difference.... an airbrush & stencils!  Wow, talk about making cookie decorating easy.  I did 3 dozen cookies and iced them in one color, then airbrushed a base color, then the same color again with a stencil.   I got them in the mail with 3 weeks to go.  I couldn't believe it when Heather messaged me and told me they arrived... 11 days! Thank you China Post.

My favorite stencil suppliers are:

Sal loves eating auntie's cookies.  At the baby shower my sister said his face was as pink as "Pink Panther" and all the ladies were laughing at him so he cried.  It's okay to laugh with him but not okay to laugh at him :( She took some cookies home and he enjoyed one without anyone laughing at him.

Sal with PINK lips

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